I Help Leaders Market on Social Media Platforms

I took my career from playing acoustic guitar in beach bar corners to the biggest stages in the business space.

I've created viral video content on Instagram and Tik Tok for top influencers like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone and Brad Lea.

Social Media changed my business and my career.


Get Clear on YOUR MESSAGE and Create Opportunities by Posting Creative Media Content On Social Platforms

  • Manage Social Media Profiles
  • ​Format Social Profiles For Growth
  • ​​Produce Audio/Video Podcasts
  • ​​Create And Upload Engaging Social Content
  • ​​Manage And Automate Online Strategy
  • ​Position YOU As The Expert In Your Niche

Quality Online Content Creates Visibility and Attention

If you aren't positioning yourself on social media sites as an authority then you're missing out on a huge amount of visibility and sales potential.

When you create content and post to social media pages
regularly you rank at the top of all search engines.

Show up with weekly content and position yourself as an authority in your niche. 

Your ability to communicate your message online is the competitive edge you need to win in the modern 
marketing era.

Your Content Sells Your Solutions To The Marketplace

When you communicate your solutions effectively and efficiently using social media content you are giving value to potential clients and customers 24/7.

Our streamlined approach to content marketing makes creating your videos and images and absolute breeze.

See What OTHERS Are Saying About My Media Services

   Jonathan Frost (Croft & Frost) 
"Pat Hilton knows how to create attention for your business. 
Money Follows Attention. Hire Pat to work with your team today."
 Brad Lea (Lightspeed VT)
"Pat Hilton got on the biggest stages with no budget using social media content. 
You can too"
 Grant Cardone (Investor)
"Theres a guy tapping in willing to do whatever it takes."

Here's How We Get These Results

Step One

Get Clear On Your Message.
Create a Brand Indentity.
Create a Concise Brand Kit.
Create a Content Strategy.
Create an Execution Plan.

Step Two

Access or Build Social Pages.
Film & Produce Content.
Distribute Content to Pages.
Manage & Grow Pages.
Begin Driving Traffic.

Step Three

Make a Clear Call To Action.
Pitch an Offer To A Lead Page.
Start Generating Revenue.
Create a Quality Lead List.
Start Marketing To Leads.

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